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The Movie Watching Club Network! ✮

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» we are looking for a group of some cool people who would be interested in making some new friends, followers, and wouldn’t mind group chatting once in a while we watch some cool movies.

Why join?

» you…



☾ apply Ω network page ☽


  • must be following me! 
  • must reblog this post. likes don’t count. 
  • must submit an application with the following information


                    -monster type



                    - one small sentence or two about you

                    - a lovely picture for your icon

better chances: 

  • following the co-admins: Kelley and Brynn
  • not human
  • post selfies a lot
  • being cool tbh

LGBT+ are 110% welcomed!

please follow the account here

and track the tag “anti-social monster network”